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Génétique Quantitative et Évolution - Le Moulon



Ingénieure de Recherche, INRAE

Informatics projects manager, Expert in software development

  • Data management (genomics, genetics, phenomics),
  • Data integration and data interoperability,
  • Data sharing,
  • Software development,
  • User training


01 69 33 23 64



  • Génétique Quantitative et Évolution - Le Moulon
  • Université Paris-Saclay, INRAE, CNRS, AgroParisTech
  • Ferme du Moulon
  • F-91190 Gif-sur-Yvette
    Équipes :
  • ABI


  • Since 2016, at Quantitative Genetics and Evolution – Le Moulon
    • Co-leader of ABI informatics and bioinformatics transversal team
    • Leader of ABI Information system software development (databases and analysis tools) and data integration team (ABI-SOFT)
  • Since 2012 at URGI and GQE-Le Moulon
    • Informatics manager of INRA CATI CGI bioinformaticians network (45 bioinformaticians located in INRA labs involved in plant and tree genomics and genetics, in France)
  • 2007-2015, at INRA URGI, Versailles, France
    • Deputy director of INRA URGI research unit
    • Operational manager of URGI bioinformatics platform
    • Head of URGI GnpIS software development and data integration team
  • 2006-2007
    • Director (interim) of INRA URGI bioinformatics unit, Évry, France
  • 2000-2006
    • Project leader of information system GnpIS
    • Data manager of Genoplante data :
      • Database integration and data transfer and sharing with public and private partners
      • Database administration (Oracle RDBMS)
  • 1993-2000 - Software development engineer in bioinformatics
    • 1997–2000 : at Génoscope, French national sequencing center, Évry France.
    • 1994–1997 : at Généthon (human genetics research), Évry France
    • 1993-1994 : at INRA Jouy-en-Josas, (cattle genetics research), laboratoire de Génétique biochimique, France


1987–1992 * Master degree (M2 level) in computer science (double skills) at Lorraine University (Nancy I and ISIAL : institut supérieur d’informatique et d’automatisme de Lorraine), Vandœuvre lès Nancy, France * Master degree (M1 level) in plant physiology, at Lorraine University (Nancy I), Vandœuvre lès Nancy, France

Research Interest

Current projects

* Since 2011: Task leader of AIS, the Amaizing information system (GnpIS, ThaliaDB, Biomercator tools), in [Amaizing](http://www.amaizing.fr/) (maize),  Investment for the Future French project
* Since 2015: ThaliaDb (genotyping and phenotyping) database project manager (INRA)
* Since 2016: Coordinator of 4 software development projects (ThaliaDb, ShineMas, BioMercator, Galaxy GQE-le Moulon server) in GQE-Le Moulon ABI-SOFT team
* Since 2012: Coordinator of working groups in CATI CGI bioinform.

Past projects

  • 2011–2015
    • Workpackage leader (bioinformatics) for Aker (Sugarbeet), Investment for the Future French project
    • Task leader for data integration in GnpIS information system for Rapsodyn (rapeseed), and PeaMUST (pea)], Investment for the future French project
    • Workpackage leader in transPLANT FP7 bioinformatics project, European project (trans-national infrastructure for plant genomics)
  • 2005-2010
    • GnpIS Information system project leader (software development, data integration and tools interoperability)
    • Co-leader of several bioinformatics projects at national level (funding Genoplante, French national agency: data collection, data integration and storage, data access, data confidentiality management between public and private partners (Biogemma, BayerCropScience, …), data sharing, user training.


  • De Oliveira Y., Burlot L., Dawson JC., Goldringer I., Madi D., Rivière P., Steinbach D. , van Frank G., Thomas M.. (2020) SHiNeMaS: a web tool dedicated to seed lots history, phenotyping and cultural practices. Plant Methods, 1 (16) 98