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Plant Biology Europe 2023

Plant Biology Europe 2023

Plant Biology Europe, the meeting of the Federation of European Societies for Plant Biology will be held in Marseille 3-6 july 2023. Registrations are now open.

The Scientific Committee constituted by L. Laplaze, Y. Coudert, J. Casacuberta, L. de Gara, M. Lascoux, X. Johnson, S. Coelho, M. Grelon, J. Lothier, M. Tenaillon & C. Robaglia is happy to give you a preview of the program:

12 Keynotes:

  • Gene DNA methylation in plants: Selective pressures and sex chromosome evolution (A. Muyle).
  • Uncovering the hidden half of plants: discovering novel ways roots sense and adapt to heterogeneous environments (M. Bennett).
  • Structure, function and host control of the rhizosphere microbiota (D. Bulgarelli).
  • How to conquer a plant using just eight genes: learning from geminiviruses (R. Lozano-Duran).
  • Controlling communication during reproductive development: The genesis and roles of apoplastic barriers (G. Ingram).
  • Arabidopsis thaliana natural variation for photosynthesis: a model to guide improving crop photosynthesis? (M. Aarts).
  • Getting organised - the (re)evolution of fertility after genome duplication (K. Bomblies).
  • Learning to build and interrogate the pangenome of Brachypodium distachyon (B. Contreras-Moreira).
  • A central role of root symbionts: the plant response to environmental stresses (R. Balestrini).
  • P-bodies and post-transcriptional gene regulation in plant reproduction and stress response (K. Riha).
  • Polygenic selection and the evolution of gene expression in Arabidopsis lyrata (J. de Meaux).
  • Plasticity of root permeability for nutrient acquisition (M. Barberon).

18 sessions: chaired by keynotes, members of the SC and other contributors (B. Landrein, F. Roux, I. Reeyna-Llorens, L. Quadrana, B. Field) will cover a broad range of topics including Biomechanics, Comparative genomics, Chromosome dynamics, Domestication, Epigenetics, Nutrition, Organella, Development, Microbiota, Stress responses, Photosynthesis, Reproduction, Immunity, Synthetic biology, Quantitative genetics, Plant-plant interactions.

A round table on PlantACT! A Think Tank of plant science experts to tackle climate change.