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Postdoc opportunity

Post-doc opportunity 24 months in GAFL Avignon in collaboration with GEvAD teamat GQE-Le Moulon: Genetic bases and evolution of postzygotic reproductive isolation between wild and domesticated crops.

Deadline for application: Sept. 30st



Plant domestication can be viewed as an early step in the divergence of independently evolving lineages, usually under strong selection at least in the cultivated pool. As a consequence, reproductive isolation between wild and domesticated crops can have already evolved, potentially producing less fit hybrid offspring when crossed. The ANR-funded DomIsol project (PIs: Maud Tenaillon GQE-Le Moulon, Catherine Dogimont GAFL, Yves Vigouroux IRD and Sylvain Glémin ECOBIO) aims at characterizing the genomic and phenotypic divergence between crop species and their wild relatives, and inferring the extent of reproductive isolation in 14 systems. In a small set of species, we will study more precisely the genetic bases and the evolution of postzygotic reproductive isolation. Gene expression patterns will be compared between parents and F1 hybrids, and transcriptional changes between different classes of hybrids (fit vs. unfit) and in reciprocal crosses will be studied. In addition, we aim at mapping Dobzhansky- Muller hybrid incompatibilities through segregation distortions in F2 families and/or in F1 pollen pools. The postdoc candidate will analyze RNAseq data from wild and domesticated pools and from F1 hybrids as described above. RNAseq data will be available before the start of the project. The results will be contrasted with candidate genomic regions involved in reproductive isolation identified by a modeling approach that was set up in the framework of the DomIsol project (two ongoing PhDs and one postdoc). If necessary, qPCR validation will be carried out. He/she will also analyze genomic sequence data from F2 and/or F1 pollen pools in order to detect segregation distortions of previously identified SNPs from the parents. The project will take place at the Génétique et Amélioration des Fruits et Légumes (GAFL) INRAE lab in Avignon, in close collaboration with the team GEvAD of the Génétique Quantitative & Evolution (GQE) IDEEV lab in Paris-Saclay University. It will benefit from local skills and pipelines available in the team and from close collaborations among the 4 partners involved in DomIsol as well as potential external collaborations (Vincent Castric, Lille). The candidates should have a PhD in evolutionary genetics, genomics and/or bioinformatics and should have strong skills in bioinformatic and biostatistic analyzes.

Details and Application Start date Fall 2023//

Salary Full time (39h/w), 31200-34000 €/year depending on experience, including medical benefits//

Please send your CV, the names and contact information of two references as well as a letter of interest to: catherine.dogimont@inrae.fr ; jacques.lagnel@inrae.fr GAFL karine.alix@inrae.fr ; pierre.gerard@agroparistech.fr GQE-Le Moulon