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First flight for the Tankers airship

First flight for the Tankers airship

The prototype n°1 of Tanker’s start-up airship flies above IDEEV farmlands !

Engineers from the Tankers start-up designed a new generation airship, connected and energetically self-sufficient, for low altitude terrestrial observations. After one year and a half for conception and building-up, the first flight tests are above IDEEV farmlands. Collaborations with many labs and another start-up from Saclay Plateau allowed to take on board different instruments (cameras, probes, sensors) for the testing of different applications. Indeed, cortibutors are UMR GQE-Le Moulon (plants and wild animals monitoring), LSCE (pollens caption), LPC2E (pollution indices), LMD (flight data), IPVF (conception of solar cells), SOYPV (soft solar cells) and Université Paris-Saclay (welcoming and support).

The metal-wrapper concept minimizes helium leaks and will allow for autonomous flight durations of more than one year, without operators, Solar cells included into the wrapper ensure the energetic self-sufficiency. The objective is to propose digital HD terrestrial observation to many actors. There are many applications, among them the early detection of wildfires.

This is a technichal challenge, but also a smart human and scientific adventure between biologists from GQE-Le Moulon and engineers from Tankers, based on mutual respect, listening ans cooperation. Between June 15th and July 15th, just go for a walk along our country lanes. During the airship flights, you will be able to see the Saclay Plateau from the sky and to discuss physics and carbon emmissions with the colleagues from Tankers. You may encounter geneticists, that work at mobilizing nature-based solutions for the agroecological transition, or ecologists that can tell you about farmlands contributions to the maintainance of biodiversity.

You’re friendly welcome! Thank you for respecting the paths. Do not enter without autorization into the agricultural plots. For your security, please respect the signals that delimit the control zone of the airship platform.