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Génétique Quantitative et Évolution - Le Moulon


 Clément Lafon Placette, Assistant Professor, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic (invited by Amandine Cornille)

  -  12:00:00
 GQE-Le Moulon

VisioSémIDEEV: Sexual selection: driving natural variation in species, traits and genes in plants?

Sexual selection causing the emergence of new animal species seems like a school case in evolutionary biology. But to which extent can we apply sexual selection concepts in plants? We can find stages of plant reproduction where males compete for mating, and females take care of the progeny, making female choice of mating partners potentially beneficial. Now the question remains whether sexual selection plays a significant role in the evolution of plant reproduction, and in plant speciation. The research in our group revolves around this question. In this seminar, I will present our work investigating traits and genes potentially under sexual selection. Indeed, we are testing whether sexual selection can explain the natural variation observed in specific plant sexual traits and gene expression profiles, and if sexual selection can contribute to the emergence and diversification of plant species.

Clément Lafon Placette

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