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Génétique Quantitative et Évolution - Le Moulon

GQMS - Quantitative Genetics and Plant Breeding Methodology

Quantitative Genetics and Plant Breeding Methodology

1. Understand the organization of diversity in Maize

We aim at understanding the effect of historical and modern breeding on the evolution and adaptation of open pollinated and hybrid varieties, in terms of phenotypic variation, global organization of genetic diversity and polymorphism at the genome scale.

2. Decipher quantitative trait architecture

We aim at investigating the genetic determinism of complex traits, in view of direct applications in breeding through marker assisted selection and/or genomic selection but also to gain a better understanding of the type of genetic effects which are involved. Our objective is also to valorize multi-omics data that are now available to get a better insight into agronomical trait variation and regulation.

Specific attention is paid to flowering time, productivity under abiotic environmental constraints (more particularly abiotic stresses), performances stability and hybrid performances in Maize in relationship to global climatic changes and the evolution of agricultural practices (reduction of inputs, agroecology…).

3. Optimize breeding schemes

Our objectives are to optimize the breeding process, from genetic resources to variety development. We investigate more particularly the potential of genomic and phenomic predictions for improving diversity management in breeding schemes, for identifying and introgressing new sources of diversity in elite germplasm and for optimizing hybrid breeding schemes.

This research involves experimental and theoretical approaches, development of statistical methods and decision support tools.

Experimental approaches involve the assembly of diversity panels, the development of original genetic materials in maize, their genotyping in targeted chromosome segments or at the whole genome scale with different marker densities integrating also sequencing approaches and their phenotyping. These experiments are conducted by team members and also benefit to a large extent of the support of INRAE experimental structures and private partners involved in our research projects. Theoretical approaches aim more particularly at developing methods and optimizing experiments for QTL detection (using linkage or association mapping and meta-analysis), marker-assisted selection (with a specific focus on genomic selection) and systems genetics (multi-omics integration). These approaches being generic beyond maize, we collaborate to different projects on other species (flax, cucumber, wheat, tomatoes, legumes, etc).

We more particularly collaborate with the ABI group for the development of:

Beyond our research projects, we provide to researchers and technicians of INRAE working on maize knowledge sharing and we organize the circulation of genetic resources (coordination of the maize group and of the activities of Maize Biological Resources Center).

Most recent projects/network coordinated by team members :


Our teaching activities are focused on our main expertise domains such as population genetics, quantitative genetics, plant breeding, modern breeding methods (from QTL detection to genomic or phenomic selection), statistical modelling, adaptation of plants to abiotic stresses and genomics. We mostly contributed to different specialization of the engineer school AgroparisTech by co-organizing the PISTv specialization and the BIP master degree (M1 and M2) form the Univesity of Paris-Saclay. Researchers of our team also contribute more ponctually to other formations such as AgroCampusOuest, SupAgro Montpellier, the CIHAM in Saragoza (Spain), ENS, Clermont-Auvergne University, Picardie Jules Verne University or the Reims-Champagne Ardennes University.

We also provide teaching to other researchers and breeders through the organization of (i) modules of the doctoral school ABIES (ii) workshops organized in the framework of research projects or INRAE meta-programs (iii) (iii) training establishment such as ASFIS and (iii) training session defined specifically for breeding companies.

GQMS is attached to the LabEx SPS (Sciences des Plantes de Saclay) and to ABIES doctoral school. Members

Former members

Yacine DJABALI, M2 (1/2 PAPPSO)(2020); Alexis Vergne, M1 (2020); Antoine ALLIER, Doctorant (2017-2020); Clément MABIRE (2016-2019), Doctorant ; Simon RIO, Doctorant (2016-2019) ; Adama SEYE, Doctorant (2016-2019) ; Morgane Roth, Post-doc (3 mois en 2019); Romane Guilbaud (2018-2019); Camille Clipet, Ingénieur (2017-2018); Elodie Petitjean, M2(2018); Fabien Laporte, Doctorant (2015-2018); Alban Besnard, M2 (2017); Heloïse Giraud, Doctorante (2012-2016); Marie Gauvin, TR CDD (2017); Cecile Monteil, TR (2013-2017); Philippe Jamin, TR (1993-2017); Sandra Negro, Post-doc (2013-2016); Mariangela Arca, Post-doc (2012-2014); Franck Gauthier, Ingenieur (2011 puis 2013-2014); Fabio Valente, Ingenieur (2009-2013); Magali Joannin, TR (2011-2013); Denis Coubriche, TR ( ); Nicolas Bardol, Doctorant (2010-2013); Xiao Wang, Post-doc (2013); Amandine Larièpe, Doctorante (2008-2012); Ashwin Khobragade, Doctorant (2008-2012); Sophie Bouchet, Post-doc (2009-2012); Marion Trunztler, Doctorante (2008-2011); Yves Roussel, Post-doc (2011); Valerie Loywyck, Post-doc (2008-2010); Tatiana Zerjal, Post-doc (2009); Celine Mir, Post-doc (2006-2009); Yung-Fen Huang, M2 (2008)

GQMS is attached to the LabEx SPS, Sciences des Plantes de Saclay.


  • Dominique Ahouanhode Research engineer (INRAE)
  • Ali Baber Phd student ()
  • Cyril Bauland Engineer (INRAE)
  • Sana Beji Postdoc (INRAE)
  • Alain Charcosset Research Director (INRAE)
  • Valérie Combes Assistante Ingénieure (INRAE)
  • Annaig De Walsche Phd student (INRAE)
  • Julie Fiévet Associate Professor (AgroParisTech)
  • Agustin Galaretto Phd student (INRAE)
  • Delphine Madur (INRAE)
  • Tristan Mary-Huard Junior Investigator (INRAE)
  • Laurence Moreau Directrice de Recherche (INRAE)
  • Stéphane Nicolas Junior Investigator (INRAE)
  • Laura Nunes Technician (INRAE)
  • Renaud Rincent Junior Investigator (INRAE)

Former members

Alizarine Lorenzi PhD student (2020-2023), Dimitri Sanchez PhD student (2020-2023), Aurélien Beugnot PhD student (2020-2023), Pauline Robert PhD student (2020-2022), Margaux Julien Assistant Professor (2021-2020)


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