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IDEEV head do the trash

IDEEV head do the trash

Université Paris-Saclay : IDEEV head do the trash


The very new building from Université Paris-Saclay welcomes the Institute for Diversity, Ecology and Evolution of the Living (IDEEV). Architects have done a good job with the trash-bin room at the opposite of the main road. Today, Thomas Gaubert road is a dead-end. Because of site-works, it is unreachable for garbage trucks.

Before the resolution of the problem, four times a week, scientists and technicians from IDEEV convey garbages containers throughout an interesting route with obstacles.

This is the excellency of research at Université Paris-Saclay

People in the picture are real people. Whenever they are not sollicited to do the trash, they contribute to scientific advances in ecology or evolution. They wish they have more time for science.