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Génétique Quantitative et Évolution - Le Moulon

PAPPSO - Proteomics analysis facility in the south-west of Paris

The PAPPSO facility carries out proteomics analyses within the framework of services and collaborations.


PAPPSO is composed of two sites:

  • at Gif-sur-Yvette in the UMR Génétique Quantitative et Évolution – Le Moulon, the team is specialized in plant biologyy ;
  • at Jouy-en-Josas in the UMR Micalis the team is specialized in prokariotes.

PAPPSO performs identification and quantification of protein amounts and of post-translational modifications. PAPPSO has developed an expertise in the performance of large experiments (several hundred samples) as well as in peptidomics and metaproteomics. For example, at present, a GWAS experiment on maize proteome involves more than a thousand samples, and a metaproteomics analysis of the intestinal microbiota involves several hundred samples.


In parallel with developments in mass spectrometry, PAPPSO is developing proteomic analysis tools adapted to large numbers and highly complex samples. These tools enable control of the entire processing chain from peptide identification to protein quantification and statistical analysis of their variation. The platform is equipped with an IT infrastructure that allows it to manage this very large amount of data. PAPPSO disseminates the tools it develops in open source, organizes training and supports users in the exploitation of their results, in particular up to their bioinformatics and statistical analysis.

Main bioinformatics tools developed by PAPPSO PAPPSO :

  • mineXpert2 (1) to visualize and explore MSⁿ mass spectrometric data.
  • X!TandemPipeline (2) pour l’identification et l’inférence des protéines,
  • MassChroQ (3) pour la quantification des peptides,
  • The ProticDB database (4),
  • the MCQR R package dedicated to the statistical analysis of MS proteomic data.


PAPPSO is equipped with different mass spectrometers adapted to different levels of complexity of the protein mixture: an LTQ, an LTQ-Orbitrap, a Q-Exactive plus, an Orbitrap Fusion Lumos and a timsTOF.

Labels and certification

PAPPSO has been labelled by IBiSA since 2009. It has been regularly labelled by INRA’s CNOC as INRA Strategic Platform (2009-2013), National Strategic Platform (2013-2018) and finally ISC (2018). PAPPSO has been ISO9001 certified since 2017.

PAPPSO is attached to the LabEx SPS, Sciences des Plantes de Saclay.


Former members

Michel Zivy Directeur de Recherche (1985-2022), Luciana De Oliveira Postdoc (2020-2021), Thomas Renne Bioinformatics trainee (2019-2021), Benoît Valot Engineer (2006-2014)


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