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Open lecturer position in DEAP team : Population genetics and modeling of crops for agroecology

Open lecturer position in DEAP team  : Population genetics and modeling of crops for agroecology

A permanent position as assistant professor is offered at the University of Paris-Saclay, to develop the “Population genetics and modeling of crops for agroecology”. The research activity will be held in the team Evolution et Adaptation des Populations, of UMR GQE - Le Moulon, and teaching activities in the pedagogic team of ecologie and biostatistic of the Graduate School BIOSPHERA.


The future lecturer will provide Licence’s and Master’s degree courses in ecology and biostatistics.The MCF will play a pivotal role in the coherence between the biological teachings and mathematics/modeling courses. The challenge will be to strengthen the Bachelor’s and Master’s courses on issues related to global changes, agroecology and sustainable management of agroecosystems.


The DEAP team is working on a strategy for dynamic management of crop genetic diversity, to foster the development of an environmentally friendly agriculture, more resilient to global changes.

A growing number of farmers’ groups are now managing varieties and populations through participatory breeding and seed exchange networks. These networks constitute meta-populations whose properties of adaptation and resilience are well known in natural populations, but which need to be adapted to agroecosystem management.

To this end, the lecturer will develop a modeling approach, integrating the specificities of farmers’ networks (seed exchange, selection modalities, environmental variability). He/she will explore the effect of social organization and practices on the diversity and adaptation of populations. The lecturer will compare these theoretical approaches with field data (genetic structure and network structure) and will propose scenarios for optimized management of cultivated diversity.


Population genetics, local adaptation, participatory plant breeding, modeling, on farm


Research : Isabelle Goldringer

Teaching : Christine Dillmann

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Deadline: 30th March 2021 at 16h00 » information about the schedule

Conditions of recruitment and Description of the position sur le site Galaxie de l’emploi universitaire : look for ‘Université Paris-Saclay en Île-de-France’.